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    Maine girl, born & raised in Wells. I've got the Sass, Plenty of Crass, but I always know when to be a 'Lady.' I started my life in a small, 'down-home-cookin'' restaurant owned by my Mother. Growing up in Wells/Ogunquit, working for our family-owned businesses, I made my way from being a young, 11-year old 'Toe-head" whipping up hummus & mayos & pestos & doing the dishes to General Manager at 16. The restaurant business is in my blood.

   So, coming up on 30, I had been running businesses, working in kitchens, waiting tables; everything from soup to nuts in the business. I finally had that moment, that "I'm turning 30, I'm freaking out, & what the hell am I gonna do with my life?!", moment.

   I've always wanted a food truck. In THAT moment, I thought back a few years to a wild night out with friends. We were sitting there, 'Solving the worlds problems' & I was all pumped up talking about my then 'unattainable' truck ideas, & one of my long time friends laughed & hollered across the table, "I always knew you were a Mother Trucker!" Flash forward years later & The Muthah was born!

   I purchased my truck in April 2014, a 1996 Chevy Utilimaster. It spent the first part of its life as an old linen truck. It took 5 months of my own blood, sweat & tears to build it as the Muthah Truckah. I opened the window in October 2014, ran straight thru the winter & have just kept on truckin' ever since!

   I didn't go to school to be a chef. I love to cook. I love food. I love talking to people. I especially love to cook food that people ultimately love. Taking a moment, a comfort, a flavor, a memory & turning it into a delicious bite that'll make you smile. That is what I love.

"People who love to eat are always the best people."   -Julia Child

Have a Sparkling day!



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